Projects for the Maya Road/Chameleon Pens Swap....tutorials included

Hello friends! Today I'm sharing two projects I created for the Maya Road and Chameleon Pens swap. Now, I've been eyeing these pens for a really long time (they are really pricey here) so I was really happy to receive two sets courtesy of the lovely folks at Chameleon Pens. :)


My first project is this mixed media wood pallet. So soft and pretty, eh? *winks*

1. I started with the Maya Road 8x8 DIY wood pallet that I covered with some gesso and white to give the pallet a slightly white wash look.

2. I went with a Maya Road kraft envelope as the base to start my embellishment cluster because I really wanted the embellishments to stand out and patterned paper might detract from that. You must have seen those diecut leaves a million times but I really LOVE the Maya Road Geometric Leaf Die. *LOL*

3. Since I was going with sweet pastel colours for the embellishments, I coloured some white flowers with the light blue Chameleon Pen. The first one was covered entirely in blue. For the second one, I played with the toning medium to get a much lighter tone. I also coloured a small threaded wood spool blue. LOVE how fast I got these done with no mess to clean up!

4. I used the yellow Chameleon Pen to colour in the beak and tail of a Maya Road white resin bird. 

5. And then it was time for my fave part - putting everything together. I usually like to start from the center and work my way out but this time, I started from the left and worked all the way across because I tend to go crazy when clustering. *winks*

For me, clustering is all about mixing up the textures and shapes. And tucking little knick knacks here and there. I went with different types of blooms - tulle, ribbon, felt, paper and resin. I added metal charms, wood tokens and trinket pins.

And I went really slow and steady with the hot glue gun...after my last painful incident....and I emerged unscathed this time! Yay me! ;)


My next project is this dimensional mixed media Christmas card. Now you know that I like flattish cards in general but I made this so that I can adhere it to the top of a box and call it decorated...hehe. *lazy bones*

I started with packaging cardboard that I cut to size and wrapped with aluminium foil.

Then I coloured the whole thing with a red Chameleon pen (hard to photograph the shiny foil). I love that it was quick to colour and I kept my hands totally clean!

I also coloured some thread and white paper bloom with the same pen, varying the intensity of the colour with the toning medium.

I love that I got 3 different tones from just one pen! The foil turned out like a ruby red, the bloom was a rich burgundy and the thread is a light plum colour. 

Full disclosure: I wanted to make a tag actually...but the red was just whoa...too strong! 

So I glued the whole thing on a card base ...and called it a card done! Hahaha....that's how I roll!

There you have it, two projects using Maya Road goodies and Chameleon Pens. Happy weekend friends! :)


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Fall-inspired mixed media tag


Why yes, it's another fall-inspired mixed media tag! Autumn colours just make me happy.  :)

As always, I started with a cardboard base which I went over with a stencil and texture paste. After a coat of gesso, I applied mists for all-over colour and slight sheen.

I even went matchy-matchy with the flowers by using white ones and misting them the same colours as the base for a cohesive look. Would you believe that I made this tag just so that I could use that Graphic 45 fussy-cut butterfly? Yeah, sometimes I do crazy things! *LOL*

Yep, I even used a diecut! Go me! *high fives all around*

Of course, when I was rummaging my ribbon stash, I found a sock hanger which I just HAD to use. You know how it is...*winks*

Happy week ahead friends!


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An altered mooncake box....tutorial


Hello friends! It's that time of the year again - when I start altering mooncake boxes! *winks* Read on for a quick tutorial.

1. I started with a sturdy box with shiny gold sides. Since I like the gold sides, I just covered the lid of the box with plaid patterned paper.

2. To create cohesiveness between the box and the patterned paper, I added some washi tape with gold details along the edges of the box.

3. To add a bit of elegance, I glued down some pearl trim.

4. Next, I gessoed and painted some chipboard swirls.

Then I added some lace trim to form the "mat" for my embellishment cluster.

And then build up my embellishment cluster with chipboard, diecuts, fabric and paper blooms, papr leaves and bling.

I finished with some gold mica flakes. 

Hope you are having a great week so far!


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The one about the lemon curd tarts


September was my month of perfecting the pâte sablée - a classic French shortcrust pastry for tarts. Love the tender buttery crust that makes feel like an accomplished baker (even though I've only been baking for 14 months)...*winks*

It also meant learning how to make the fillings for the tarts - like lemon curd (pastry cream is next on my list!). 

There's always a little pressure on Sunday afternoons when the folks are seated at the dining table waiting for my baked goods to come out from the oven. My mum (the Home Economics teacher) will critique on the texture and taste. My dad is easy -he will just eat anything I make! *LOL*

Dived straight into my paper scraps to create the layered photo mat. Love that I got to use up some odd-shaped pieces in my stash.:)

Even took my distress tool out for a spin!

And got to use up some of my Bo Bunny stickers.:)

Why yes, that's a Bo Bunny birdie!

Playing along with The Studio Challenges to use as many S objects on your layout as possible...I went with scraps, stickers, stars and sequins.


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Mixed media eye on a wood painting panel


So these days I've been painting my mixed media eyes on bigger surfaces instead of just practising in my art journal. This one is a 12x16 Derivan wood painting panel. It provides a much more rigid surface for painting (as opposed to a conventional canvas) and an interesting woodgrain texture.

I did the mixed media background first with acrylic paints, watersoluble crayons, gesso and stencils before painting in my eye.

This piece took a few weeks to complete...including time that I just stared at it and did nothing...*LOL* But you know how it is... suddenly you find inspiration, push through and just finally get it done. Now I just need to varnish and hang it up! :)


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The one about the birthday and lanterns...


So last Saturday we had an early celebration for nephew #2's birthday and the mid-autumn festival (lanterns and mooncakes).

This time I tried to be less ambitious so that we can actually have afternoon tea (had a major fail back in July for my mum's birthday..*winks*).

I did a coconut and earl grey panna cotta the night before, started on the dark chocolate fudge cake with cream cheese frosting first thing in the morning and baked a white chocolate and cranberry blondie right after we had afternoon tea *drumroll" at 3.30pm! Yay!

But I had help of course. You know child labour is the best kind of labour right? *LOL*

The two older nephews were in charge of blowing up the balloons. Yes, apparently I only had pink metallic ones in my stash. Nephew #2 said it was okay with him so we just went ahead with them. The niece was of course, super excited since pink is her fave colour....hehe.

After dinner, we went for a walk around the neighbourhood with our lighted lanterns.

Now, I always got the Gangster Gang battery-operated lanterns when they were younger because they were a lot less hazardous (you know lighted candles with paper lanterns...haha). But this year, I got them the traditional ones made with wood and cellophane paper.

I didn't expect nephew #3 and the niece to be terrified about the prospect of carrying those lighted candles though...

My niece called it the "scariest day of my life!" which was kind of funny since she is only 6!

But once they ascertained that they were not going to get burned to death, they really enjoyed the stroll along the neighbourhood. :)

Lots of fun fitting in my paper scraps on this layout. I even brought out my circle punch to play! 

Playing along with Stuck?! Sketches.


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Upcycled mixed media gift box


I haven't done one of these mixed media gift boxes in a long time. So when my sister passed me a sturdy old phone box, I got to work right away. *winks*

I only had enough chipboard to cover the top of the box so I used some texture paste with a stencil for the sides of the box.

You can't tell by the photos but this box has several layers of paint and gesso on it. I first covered the whole box with heavy gesso and then gold paint. But I hated how it turned out so I covered the whole thing with gesso again before colorizing it with shimmering spray mists. 

Then I finished by embellishing with little bits and pieces from my stash.

P/s: Yes, I was very careful when using my hot glue gun after last week's painful incident. Happy week ahead friends! :)


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