You make my heart sing...Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day friends! :) Today's project is a 6x6 mixed media canvas.

I started by adhering a mix of different remnant lace pieces on the canvas with gel medium. Then I painted a layer of gesso over it to prep the surface for colorants. 

I went in with just two colours of mists - a teal and a hot pink - and you get a third shade (a purple) where the two colours meet. :) Once the mist layer is dry, I went in with some gesso to really pull out the texture and design of the intricate lace pieces.

Then I finished with some embellishments (repurposed from old projects).

P/s: Hope you are having a great week so far! 


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33 really sweet projects *winks*

So it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and I thought it would be appropriate to share a round-up of 33 of the sweetest projects I've ever made. Even though I tend to gravitate towards bold and bright colours, there is a side of me that enjoys sweet, pastel colours too (apparently...*winks*).

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There you have it, 33 really sweet projects to hopefully sweeten your day! Who knew I had it in me to actually make so many pastel projects??!! Not me! *LOL*


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Another quick decorated box


It is always nice to shop your stash at home and rediscover old faves that you have been hoarding for a really long time. This year, my motto is "Use it or lose it!" so you'd be seeing some of my treasured (aka hoarded) supplies come into play. *winks*

I realized that the patterned papers I tend to hoard are those with big, bold colourful designs which are a pity to cover up with photos and embellishments on scrapbook layouts so I'll be using them for decorated boxes and paper bags. :)

I started off with this sturdy Colourpop box with a magnetic enclosure and a mirror inside (a Black Friday score that arrived after Christmas...shipping from the US takes a long time!). I cut the patterned paper to size, ran the pieces through my trusty Xyron Creative Station (I have not been on the Xyron Creative Team for 3 years and I'm still working on the stash they sent me back then! I think I'll be good for another year or so...hehe) and adhered them to the box.

I added some pearl and lace trim along the edges then finished with some ribbon blooms I got from a fabric store in Manila 2 years ago. The sides of the box were white so I glued some black cardstock to create a more cohesive look .

What about you? Have you been using up your stash?

P/s: Initially, I thought I might consider getting on more design teams this year since I've been making a conscious effort to use up my stash in the last 2 years. But it may not happen because I've hardly made a dent in my stash!


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Workspace Wednesday: Still a work-in-progress

Hello friends! Just an update on my creative space...still very much a work-in-progress as I continue to fiddle with the placement of my art supplies. You know how it is, it looks good but then when you actually start using the supplies, you know that you need to rethink your organization again. 

I did put up some of my old mixed media canvases...I kept the ones that I really liked and the rest will be reworked on (You know my motto, "Waste nothing!" *winks*). I still have a huge wall which I intend to put up some of my larger art pieces (You know, when I get around to actually painting them...*LOL*) For now, it's just the mixed media painting of that single eye. 


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The coloured pencil girl from my sketchbook


I think I must have not coloured a lot with coloured pencils as a kid because I am clearly obsessed with them now to make up for lost time! *winks* They are possibly the most portable and least messy art supplies to carry around. Trust me. *says the person who has spilled paint on the plane* hehe..

The major drawback to coloured pencils is that it takes a really long time to render a drawing entirely out of coloured pencils. Which is always the case for art supplies that you have the most control over. 
1. The start of a face that took an hour. 
2. A little more progress made on a two-hour flight.
3. Colouring in her hair at breakfast. (The apple danish was really yummy!)
4. Adding finishing touches at lunch. (Who can say "no" to black forest cake?)

There you have it. The coloured pencil girl from my sketchbook.

What about you? Which art supply were you "deprived" of as a child that you are now obsessed with as an adult??? *lol*


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